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My name is MD Sofikul Islam fakir. I am a Photoshop expert and graphics designer. I am working on my Youtube channel to create Photoshop tutorials. I share my experience with everyone to learn Photoshop and solve their problem. I am a tutorial creator on my channel, Name ILLPHOCORPHICS
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  1. How do I create my canvas painting in Photoshop to where it wont take up that much space when I go to save these sizes 44x90, 32x48 or 60x90 also what's the best way to save them where I can use these sizes upon request without losing the quality and clarity of the painting.
    I use 300 DPI saving in PSD, RGB 8 bits. or should I be using 300 DPI, PSB or PNG, CMYK or LAB color, 16 or 32 bits. Please help me to create a standard for my go to setup and save and print out.


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