5 Step Technique to Skin Tone Your Portrait in Photoshop. Skin tone and Color Grading tutorial. illphocorphics


In this tutorial, I Show How can your skin tone and color grade your portrait in photoshop. I try my best to make the tutorial very much explaneful to you so that you can understand every trick and follow with your own portrait to color grade and retouch your image. This is a very easy and useful technique when it's come to color grade and skin tone any kind of portrait. So I hope that you will like this tutorial. watch until the end and learn how to use this 5 simple steps technique to color grad your portrait in photoshop. And tell me if you have any questions and suggestions in the comment section below. 


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Download the image

Download Gradient Map

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5 Step Technique to Skin Tone Your Portrait in Photoshop. Skin tone and Color Grading tutorial. illphocorphics 5 Step Technique to Skin Tone Your Portrait in Photoshop. Skin tone and Color Grading tutorial. illphocorphics Reviewed by iLLPHOCORPHICS on March 25, 2020 Rating: 5

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