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Friday, June 7, 2019

Photoshop Smoke effect. Create Smoke Effect in Photoshop CC. iLLLPhoCorPhics


In this tutorial, I show you how can you create a smoke effect in Photoshop. I make this tutorial to show you how can you create this awesome smoke effect. To create this moke effect method it's very simple. I try to make this tutorial simple so that beginner also can create this smoke effect. I use a man image. The image is really good. And I downloaded brush for today's project. Now I hope that you will like this tutorial. So watch till the end. and tell me your valuable word in the comments section below. Also, subscribe to my channel.

Photoshop smoke effect creating tutorial

This is the final output I create. I use the same method to create this Smoke effect in Photoshop CC.


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Download Old man also Brush
Man image

Download smoke brush

I hope that you like this tutorial. If you like this tutorial, YOu can also check out my other tutorials. I hope that you will also like. And hope that my tutorials will help you to learn New things about Photoshop.

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You can check out my tutorial. I hope that you will like my tutorials. I always try my best to make good tutorials for you. And try to give some good tips about Photoshop. So that everyone can learn how to use Photoshop and solve their problem.

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